Soon enough, Ramadhaan will be leaving myself and many other muslims who took part in this religious festival. Fasting continuously for 30 days has really helped to cleanse & nourish my mind, body and soul. We forget how so many people who go through poverty don't even get to eat at sunset which is a real eye opener as well whilst keeping these fasts...

I thought I would put together this brief blogpost about Ramadhaan and Eid, as I don't really talk much about myself & religion in here. Here are some common questions many people ask...

What is Ramadhaan?

It is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims fast continuously for 30 days, depending on moon sighting, from dawn till dusk. It is a time in which we reflect on oneself spiritually, perform prayers, and good deeds.

Do you always have to fast?

No, children, elderly women, pregnant or menstruating women and even if you feel sick, you are exempt from fasting.

So, What is Eid then?

This is a special three day festival to mark the ending of Ramadhaan, Eid- al Fitr in arabic, which also means the festival of breaking the fast!

If you've been fasting, how has your Ramadhaan been? Its gone so quick right?! I hope that everyone has an amazing eid and are staying blessed these last few days of fasting in the month of Ramadhaan!




  1. Ramadan has been lovely. But, it's summer time in Middle East which means human beings can melt down.. Plus, my final exams were in Ramadan... Eid Mubarak in advance to you too! <3
    // https://octoberslallu.blogspot.com

    1. That's good to hear girly, yes we all have those days huh, you too!x


  2. Lovely post ♥ I really enjoyed reading it!