When the obstacles of life dawn upon us, we all need some guidance as to what to do next. This can involve making sure we are staying uplifted, motivated and trying to succeed, regardless of what circumstances we may be in.

Whether you are in need of some guidance on how to reach your goals no matter what setbacks you face, or you just want to know more about Kate Mackay and her journey through the slopes, then this is the perfect book for you. 

This book has eight chapters and through each chapter you are able to experience the journey or Kate herself, as she gives advice and tips throughout. It is described to be a 'fun and easy read' which is definitely true. You can gain so much knowledge on how to master life with confidence, and see a possibility for change.

The author herself, Kate Mackay, is a Certified Professional Coach, an NHS Management Consultant, and also a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Health. Whilst studying at the University of Bradford, she has trained more than a thousand health professionals in the UK! Her passion for snowboarding had been going on for more than 20 years now, and her blog is one of the only ones to be focused mainly on snowboarding for women in the UK.

It can be viewed over at mummysnowboarder.com and the book can be purchased at takeitallonboard.com

This book retails for £7.99 and was published in 2017. You can have a chance to win your own copy for free, by entering my giveaway on Twitter which will end at midnight on 26/2. I will be announcing the winner on Monday!

It also includes some exercise pages after each chapter in which you are able to fill out some questions and answers. This is a brilliant way to de- stress, by tracking your own personal experiences and thoughts.

To sum up my opinion on this book, I think it is an amazing way to empower women and show them they can do it if they really put their mind to it! 

What are your thoughts on this visual book review? Will you be purchasing it or even entering my giveaway, for a chance to win your own copy?

Best of luck!



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