Hello sunshines, so today I thought I would write about some spring and summer lip shades, to change up your makeup look a little and adapt to the season! Lately we have been blessed with some super sunny days here in England, let us just hope they carry on this way. All these lipsticks are drugstore, cruelty free and very affordable...

This first lipstick is by Collection Cosmetics in the shade 'rosewood'. It just sounds so appealing and has a nice rosey colour with a satin finish, leaving your lips look shiny yet slightly matte at the same time. This is just £1.99!

This next shade we have here is just £1! It is by the brand MUA in the shade 'mystic marsala'. It has a nice POP of colour to it and is perfect for summer!

We have here, another MUA £1 lipstick! This does not have a specific shade name however, it is a nice pinky mauve shade which just reminds me of berries and other fruits...

Last but not least is this lipstick by 'Makeup Revolution' in the shade inclination.  I especially love its packaging and have done a post regarding it before, comparing it as a MAC dupe, just here (https://roseygoldbox.blogspot.com/2017/10/mac-vs-makeup-revolution-dupe-alert.html). It has a slightly more dry formula as it is fully matte, however the shade looks absolutely gorgeous.

That is all for my spring and summer lippy picks! I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe purchase some of these yourself. Which shade was your favourite? 

Leave a lovely comment down below letting me know...



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