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Life is an adventure they say. Make the most of it! Yet many of us in this generation are stuck in our rooms with all the latest technology surrounding us. Sometimes, it's nice to take a leap outside once in a while and capture your surroundings like Feroz does. He will be telling us how you can still travel and make the most of a small adventure, on a budget, and much more...

When did you start going on these ventures?

I’ve always been an adventurous person, but I really started to explore during college when I had a few days off during the week.

What's your advice for people out there who want to travel on a budget?

My advice for people who want to travel on a budget is to keep it simple. You don’t usually need fancy equipment or expensive trips. Don’t be afraid to look into different means of getting to where you’re going, I usually find that a short walk is better and cheaper then getting the bus.

How do you budget your money?

For budgeting I usually try getting a few people to go with me to split the cost, That way a £50 fuel bill can be cut down to upto £10 each. And, I normally take a packed lunch from home instead of buying food whilst out.

What are some places you recommend going to visit?

Places I’d recommend visiting, hmmm. In the UK I’d definitely recommend the Lake District in general, it offers absolute stunning views, crystal clear lakes and a wide range of activities. If I was to recommend a cheap place to visit abroad I’d say Paris, there’s so much to see and do. Me and 3 of my mates got a hotel there for £100 (£25 each) and had an amazing time.

What's your favourite venture you have been on so far?

My favourite venture that I’ve been on so far has to be the road trip I did around Europe with 3 of my mates, we travelled to 6 countries in 6 days and had the time of our lives. We found ways of making it cheap like not doing expensive activities and more enjoying the sights.

We have another one planned for now to year and we definitely can’t wait!

Why do you think people don't realize how amazing exploring is?

I’d say people think exploring is out of their reach, that being financially mostly or not having the friends who are willing to join them  or having the confidence for going alone

But it’s about pushing yourself to find a balance and dealing with it, that’s where you’ll start to enjoy what the world has to offer.

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  2. I love the whole idea of 'living my best life' I'm not out of school yet but to make my life the best it can be, I write my blog and hang out with my friends as often as possible!

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