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In today's post I will be writing about my personal photography tips for blogger's and some tricks that I use in making everything look professional, neat and organised!

Many people think that you need a professional camera for photography, however if that is not on your budget you can also use your phone camera too instead as an alternative as long as it is a HD one. When I showed my blog photography to one of my friends he thought it had been done with a Canon EOS or some other sort of digital type of camera and was shocked but I had simply just used my android phone camera and some paper backdrop along with an artificial plant at the side.

marble backdrop

Little things like these can really help add those slight finishing touches and make your photo's look minimal yet also look like you have put a lot of effort in to them. Real or artificial plants can be purchased from many homeware stores such as IKEA or Home Sense for as little as £2.00. They can be purchased online too on sites such as Ebay or Amazon. You can also use fairy lights to add a cute little extra touch or even some glitter, sweets, and stickers to match the colour theme of the product that is being photographed.

marble backdrop with artificial mini plant

marble background with fairy lights & a keyring

By using a free wallpaper sample from a website as your background or even some plain white or any other coloured paper, which can be purchased from many stationery shops around the high street's such as Paperchase, will make your product or whatever is being photographed stand out nicely. Alternatively if you have a printer and do not mind using up your ink you can also print one out too! There are various different designs on Tumblr for example.

watercolour background - photo credit - tumblr

black marble background- photo credit- tumblr

white marble background- photo credit- tumblr

Using natural lighting is sometimes very tricky for many of us living here in England as the lighting tends to change a lot due to the bi-polar weather changes, however if you can find a nice bright sunny day and maybe across from the windowsill hang up a backdrop, you will then see what wonderful photography you can produce! Why not go outside and discover the many natural resources which can be used around us? Using the grounds outside can also look good on your blog such as the grass, concrete or even by simply laying up a product against a tree.

natural lighting 

product propped up in front of some plants, i love this!

Artificial lighting could also be used such as a ring light however not many people can afford to buy such resources but if you are willing to invest in a cheap one there are many you can buy off Ebay or even DIY one with some light bulbs. There are many D.I.Y video's on YouTube which can be viewed to help guide you.

photo credit- youtube

I hope this helped any of my other fellow blogging friends who are struggling with their photography and wanted to maybe improve slightly. I just want to say a massive thank you for getting to the end of this post and taking out your time to even read my blog. 

Hope you are all having a nice day wherever you are and I will speak to you soon in my next post!

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