In today's post I will be writing about the different fashion trends I have been loving from this season. Whilst walking around many high street stores and window shopping I have explored and seen the different floral designs and pastels that have been lurking around. I then had a brain flash and decided why not make a blog post on the items I have my eye on at the moment, also referred to as a wishlist. I am trying to focus on a few more fashion based posts as I have not done any on them yet so stay tuned and  keep your eyes peeled for more!

The floral trends have really caught my eye this season as I love anything that is linked with plants and flowers due to their aesthetically pleasing vibe. This particular dress from New Look is a unique piece with its mesh underlay and floral embroidery going through the middle and sleeves. 

New Look - Black Spot Mesh Floral Embroiderd Tunic Dress - £27.99

The next piece of clothing is a khaki green coloured dress however, I liked the black version of it too. The main thing which caught my eye about this piece were the sleeves and how they are flared out giving it a vintage vibe along with the bows tied on top too.

New Look - Khaki Tie Sleeve Dress - £19.99

An accessory on my wishlist for this season are backpacks. I love the idea of not having to carry a bag on my shoulder but rather on my back with one strap off so that it give's it an edgy cool vibe. I have seen many people carry them around this season and they are appearing in various different colours as well, such as metallic's and pastels. One particular backpack that I have had my eye on for a while is this rose gold one from Asos. I love metallic colours as well as gold's too hence the name of my blog eh.

Asos- Textured Metallic Backpack- £22

Another trend which not many people think much of are Culottes. These are wide leg trousers which can go with any tunic top or vest top. They let your legs breathe a little on those warmer heatwave days. Many people have given me strange looks in the past when I have worn these type of trousers however I just look forward and keep on walking because fashion is a passion in which you can wear what you want and how you like regardless of what others think, never let anybody change who you are or control your choices. These Culottes from River Island which I have been wanting are a simple yet elegant piece with a lace hem to give it that extra little detail. 

River Island - Black Lace Hem Culottes - £35
There are many different kinds of fashionable item's floating around out in the high street, if you just step outside your comfort zone a little, you will find that everybody has different style. It is better to stand out slightly rather than follow the crowd in my opinion.

If you got to the end of this post then thank you angel I appreciate every minute of your time given to take to read my blog.

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  1. Love these! Especially the florals as they are perfect for the summer 😍 Need to get myself more of those, the dresses look gorgeous!
    Steph x

    1. I know right! I have a DIY post going up soon on how to make the floral embroidery piece's of clothing by yourself, very simple & easy so stay tuned!x