Hello there again! In today's post I will be showing you how to make these simple rainbow bracelet's using some embroidery floss, scissors and a cardboard piece / anything the floss can be stuck down on to so that it is easier to move & knot the bracelet.

The embroidery floss that I am using was purchased from Amazon a while ago however, they do still have some in stock. Alternatively you could also just purchase this from a local craft store.

scissors, tape & a marble backdrop which I stuck the bracelet down on to keep it in place
Firstly you will need to gather all the different colour's of the rainbow! Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange & Blue. These will then need to be measured in 60 to 65 inches which include two strands for each colour, depending on your wrist size.

Once you have done that you will need to secure them all by tying them all together in to a knot and then sticking it down on to a hard board or anything alike with some sellotape.

You will then need to grab the two red strands and cross them over in to a triangular shape over the next colour then tie a knot. You will need to tie two knots in order for it to be thicker so repeat the same step twice.

grab the first colour

loop in to a triangular shape on to the next colour

loop and tie the knot

You will then need to repeat this same step twice again for each different colour using the same coloured red strand. Once you reach the end you will need to move on to the next colour and repeat the same steps as above. It is pretty simple really just basically tying two knots on to the next colour using a different strand each time it reaches the end.

Your bracelet will then start to develop something like this! Once it is fully developed you can then tie a knot at the end and then tie both the ends together, making the final product, the bracelet.

The bracelet's developing...

The final bracelet  from the back, you could add in a button instead of just tying a knot like I have done!

That is the end of this DIY post guys! I hope you enjoyed it and understood my instructions! If not you could always watch a video on how it can be done so on YouTube by typing DIY Chevron Bracelet. If you would like anymore post's like this then leave a comment down below!

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  1. This is such a sweet idea, so creative and easy to follow steps! Great post! Xx

    Bella | http://www.bellainizio.co.uk/