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As back to school (college & university too) season is almost upon us I decided to do a brief post on some new stationery bit's I have been collecting recently!

I went in to Primark, Paperchase, Poundworld & The Works. Each of these store's have some amazing piece's of stationery in right now which are great for students who are trying to be budget friendly.

I am a huge lover of anything rose gold or marble so the first thing I picked up was this marble notebook from Primark for only £2.50! I was so shocked as I saw a similar product in Urban Outfitters for almost triple the price!

Marble Notebook - Primark - £2.50

The next thing I picked up from Primark was another notebook. This one has a relatable quote on saying "more issue's than vogue" which let's be real, is kind of true haha, I do have many issue's now and again huh. Once again I fell for the gold and this was also only £2.50!

Black & Gold Notebook - Primark - £2.50
I picked up this super cute multi- colour pen from Paperchase for only £2.50! It has animals all over it as well as a huge monkey head on the top haha!

Monkey Multi Colour Pen- Paperchase- £2.50

Another super- cute item I picked up was this mini detachable pink marcaroon eraser for just 99p!

Pink Marcaroon Eraser- Paperchase- 99p

I also picked up two postcard's at just 80p each! They had many more design's available too so be sure to check them out online or in-store.

Postcards- Paperchase- 80p
The Works had some pretty cool stationery in too, So I picked up this mini academic diary to keep myself organised during my studies.

Academic Diary- The Works- £1.50

I then picked up this small pad with a motivational quote on that includes lots of sticky notes and tabs. This will come in handy to keep my folder and books organised!

Sticky Note Pad- The Works- 99p
Sticky Note Pad- Inside- The Works- 99p

I also picked up some stickers which were reduced at Paperchase to stick in my folder or books to make things look more visibly appealing for myself when I read back on any note's.

Stickers- Paperchase- 50p

As I have been trying to read a lot more of over the summer I ordered three books off Amazon and have been absolutely loving tucking in to bed and reading every night before I fall asleep. I have currently read 'Girl Online' plus 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'. Let me know in the comment's below if you would like a blogpost on some book review's!

Book's- Amazon- Various Price's

Poundworld has also got some pretty good stationery pieces in at the moment. Firstly I picked up this pen with feathers and a tassle detail on. Looks much more expensive than just £1 right?

Pen- Poundworld- £1

I then also picked up this ring -binder folder from there too! It looks amazing & they had many more designs with different slogans on as well. I wish I could have had them all however I only really need one.

Ring Binder- Poundworld- £1

My last purchase was some washi-tape. These were 3 for £1 and I could not believe it as they are much more expensive in many other stationery stores! I can not wait to use these on my folders and books, so be sure to pop in to your local Poundworld store and see the wonderful stationery pieces they have in there at the moment!

Washi Tape- Poundworld- £1

That is all for my haul of wonderful stationery buy's!

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking through and maybe got an insight in to what is in store at the moment. What were your favourite thing's from this post?

Best wishes on your stationery hunting!



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