Hello again! If you are reading this then thank you for taking some time out of your day to have a little read or even browse through my blog!

That time has come again, the end of another month! This year surely is flying by, just like last year did. Autumn is almost upon us and I honestly can't wait. This monthly favourite's is slightly smaller however, I still wanted to share some of the thing's I have been loving with you.

My first favourite has been a colour correcting concealer in the shade " Lemon" by Collection. This is their famous "lasting perfection" concealer which is highly praised by many beauty guru's out there. They recently launched a colour correcting range which include's a purple & green concealer as well. I have been loving using this concealer before foundation to brighten underneath my eye's and make me look wide- awake! These concealer's by Collection have great coverage & lasting power and I honestly can not recommend them enough.

The next thing I have been loving this month is music related. It is the album called "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom" by Halsey! She is one amazing artist and I love her music & lyrics as I relate to many of her song's too well. I also just love the way her music sounds altogether. Two particular songs I have been enjoying from this album are "Bad At Love" & "Eyes Closed".

Another album I have been loving is "After Laughter" by Paramore. They are an awesome rock band who have slightly changed their music style and not many people like them anymore, however I still love their music as it is very different and gives me the 80's vibes. Two particular songs I have been enjoying the most from this album are "Hard Times" & "Fake Happy".

My final item for this monthly favourite's post is a lipstick. This is by a brand called " Makeup Revolution" and it is a dark matte nude. I fell for the rose gold packaging at first however, I then discovered the lipstick inside looked & felt amazing on my lip's too. It is not too drying yet not too soft either. It is in the shade "Inclination" and is a part of their Iconic matte nude's collection.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I have been loving this month!
What have been your monthly favourites?
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