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In todays blogpost I will be reviewing the "Vivid Hot Laquers" By Maybelline. These were recently launched in July and I only just got my hand's on them, so I have decided to write up a few of my thought's on this product! They currently retail for £7.99 in Superdrug & Boots.

The two shade's I purchased were "72- Classic", which is a bright classic red as the name goes by, and "64- Unreal", which is a nice light nude, you can never have enough nude lip colour's huh?

The packaging is square & boxy as well as the text which make's it stand out. It catches the eye of a makeup shopaholic like me. The colour shown on the tube is exactly the same when applied!

The wand is sleekly pointed which is great as it give's you enough product to apply at once. The rounded edges let's you easily glide all around the lip's. By using a steady hand you can make sure you get a good line drawn around the lip's at first and then fill them in.

Once swatched, the product is rather sticky, however that is expected as this is like a lip gloss. Personally, I would not use this on it's own as I prefer using a matte lipstick first and then topping off with a little gloss in the middle to make the lip's appear fuller. The nude colour wiped off easily however, the red one left some colour so, that is something to stay slightly aware of. Even so, it does not bleed out in to the skin and is moisturising when put on the lips, but once again I am not brave enough to go out with a full glossy lip just yet!

Overall, I would recommend this product due to it's longevity and lovely smell! If you want a nice, budget- friendly lip laquer then this is the one for you. They also have a range of other shade's so be sure to check those out too!

If you have got to the end of this post then thank you so so much for reading, I appreciate your time given!

Will you be buying this product? Best wishes on your makeup shopping hunting!

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