Welcome back my angel's!

In today's post I will be showing you some DIY cheap & easy floral embroidered fashion piece's which I designed myself. There are many different item's of clothing around in the high street stores now, with lots of pretty floral embroidery on them and it looks amazing, however not everybody can afford to buy stuff all the time! So I decided to come up with my own student budget & friendly solution. These can be easily made in to exact dupes of the high street clothing by just using some simple iron on flower patches & plain shirts / shoes!

You can easily just iron on an embroidered flower patch on to a thrifted piece of clothing and make it look just as good! So I went out to my local craft store & vintage shop's and picked up some shirt's and a pair of shoe's.

I picked up some red iron on flower's and some larger pink one's too, however, I forgot to take a photo of them in the packet (blogger problem's huh?). But, you will see what they look like down below!

On this plain blue shirt, I decided to add two red flower's to the back of it.

Next I picked up a denim jacket and decided to add the larger pink flower's on to the shoulder's.

 My final item were a cheap pair of shoe's from Primark on which I added the two small red flower's on to each side. It made them look so much better!

As you can see, you honestly do not need much to dupe the high-end fashion trend that is in right now, and it cost's as little as £5!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will hopefully find this idea useful! Let me know what you think down below! Will you be trying this DIY out?

Best wishes! & Let your creativity unfold!



  1. I LOVED this post! Your blog is AMAZING <3 Thank you for sharing! XO


    1. Thank you for reading angel and I am glad you enjoyed it! No problemo! x


  2. I especially love the shoes!
    There's something so much more wonderful about owning pieces you've DIYed. So fun to have the memory of creating it and sense of accomplishment, and to have something a little more unique!

    1. They are definitely my favourite too! Thank you so much! x