In today's post I will be discussing something which has been on my mind for a while now lately. It seem's that on social media people have all these perfect live's, and visit all these lovely places, and everything look's so much better than what you have, right?

But wait a second, don't be fooled by all this my friend's & follower's! What you see is no other than what these people simply choose to show you! Everyone has these dark part's in their life, but on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Facebook these people will only choose to show the nice part's, in order for their lives to look perfect! Otherwise, if somebody did decide to show that they were suffering from depression or felt like shit etc, then another person may think that they are just looking for attention or being too dramatic. I used to do the same and get the same response's.

Growing up as a teenager ever since I was 13, I have suffered with spots and unfortunately still do at the age of 19. I think the media and by looking at all these airbrushed face models, it makes us feel that in society we can't be accepted without covering up our natural flaws. This is not the right way to think about your skin, as I believe we are all beautiful deep inside and out, no matter what scars you have on your bodies or face. Stretch marks, spots, cellulite etc are all natural! They are what make you, you!

Many makeup tutorial's and picture's on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter use filters and photo-shop to cover their flaws. Nobody looks the same as they do on YouTube, as so many beauty guru's use a ring light and other lighting sources plus camera beauty filter's, which help to blur out their pores. This is not good for many younger viewer's out there as their naive minds will not be able to look past this. In reality, nobody is going to be walking around with a ring light & blurring filter everyday, everywhere they go now, are they?

This is why it is important to see that this is all fake and an illusion. Nobody is really like that in reality are they? So there is no need to think they are better than you, because they are not. Everybody has some sort of skin texture on them but many decide to blur it out unfortunately instead of embracing it.

I hope this has given any of you a bit more of an understanding on various topic's, regarding the reality of the social media world. If you have any more question's  feel free to leave some in the comment's below!

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  1. Such a positive post. More people need to be honest like this because social media is ruining young girls perception of beauty and making them feel ugly/fat etc which is just not true.
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    With love, Chloe x