We all need a little inspiration to aspire to be like someone, or maybe even get motivated by hearing someone else's story! So, in today's post I will be writing about three women who inspire me!

Firstly, Malala Yousfazai. She is a very strong and amazing woman who fought for her right to education even after being shot. She was deprived of an education in her country and spoke up for herself and many other girl's like her. She inspired me to never let anybody stop you, from doing something and going further in life!

Emma Watson is well known for her role as Hermoine in the Harry Potter series, which, not going to lie, I am a huge fan of too! However, not only did she play a star role back then but now she also played Belle in Beauty & The Beast. She inspired me with her HeForShe campaign & speech she gave, in which she spoke about feminism, and how it not only help's women but also men too.

Finally, Yasmin Mogahed. This woman is an American Egyptian, who is great with her words of wisdom. Her book called "Reclaim Your Heart'' really inspired me because it showed me the reality of how you can't keep relying on people and being needy for them, you should just rely on yourself as most of the time, it all just leads to dissappointent & heartbreak. However, you should still never give up!

That is all for today's post guy's!

I hope you enjoyed reading & maybe feel inspired too. Do you had any people who you feel inspired by? Leave a comment down below!



  1. empowering other women is great, these women are great inspirations to look up to! :')

    1. I know right! I am all for girl empowerment and making sure we all stick up for one another, thanks for reading x

      Fatimah | ROSEYGOLDBOX