So I haven't been uploading recently and been pretty awol on here, but I did explain I was busy with exams and final assignments over on my twitter. Even so, I thought I would share some other things that I've been feeling lately too...

I've had a lot going on this month to be quite honest. The stress of everything hitting me all St once, and me not being able to handle it was mainly why I thought I should take a break off here. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, I really do, but some brands expect way too much and I couldn't keep up with their deadlines as well as my own. I was thinking of going self hosted as well but I still am not too sure how it all works and want to gain more understanding in to that and switching on adverts. 

Emotionally, I've been breaking down at work and its been affecting my work ethic too which I just had to open up about my mental health to them in the end which made me feel much better. I think one of the main reasons this has all been happening is because I stopped taking my thyroid medication, as I do suffer from an underactive thyroid which makes me have low moods, feel fatigued and just not really motivated at all. It practically controls my entire body and I just shut down if I don't take them. I stopped taking them because I felt as if they were making me gain weight and spots but maybe I was wrong. If anybody else suffers from a thyroid disease then please reach out to me and we can create some sort of support group?

That's all for my thoughts lately, I hope you can all understand.

I have more blogposts planned for later on...



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