I love a good historical city with an interesting background to it. There is something about York which makes me want to go back every Summer. I thought I would do this photo diary as my first travel themed blogpost, so here goes...

The National Railway Museum

I love going to museums to learn more about the background of a city. York's national railway museum is a great place to visit if you want to know about how society was impacted through the rail transportation in Britain! As a former travel and tourism student at college, I sort of know about the different locomotives and how we have expanded through engineering and innovation of the railways.


A cute vintage vending machine from back in the day...

Vintage vending 
Inside an old postage railway carriage

The fabulous 'Mallard'
Postage carriage
Postage carriage

Yarmouth south town bench

A very hogwarts looking pile of luggage

More of the msueum

 The York Minister

This cathedral is a part of one of the largest ones in North Europe. The architecture of this building is amazing with its perpendicular gothic style.

The shop that must not be named

If you are a massive Hogwarts fan like me then this is the place to go to! They have a range of amazing harry potter themed items to purchase from notebooks to clothing and even food plus drink!

The cue outside the shop, it had just opened last year.

Display window

More photo's of the city itself....

A beautiful building (instagrammable outfit shot background) as many bloggers would say

Collecting for Grenfell

72 Days for Grenfell

72 Days for Grenfell

Merchants Coffee House


Coney Street Clock

The Shambles
Golden Fleece Pub (Most Haunted...) 

Museum Gardens

Museum Gardens

I hope you enjoyed my visual journey through York. I did not take as many photo's as I wanted to however, I will be doing an updated version when I visit again soon in Winter!

Let me know your thoughts on my first ever travel themed blogpost below.