Last week I had the pleasure to be invited and attend a menu tasting experience, at a local cafe inside an art gallery, called 'The Hepworth Cafe'. They recently released a new menu and also refurbished the cafe a little with some amazing decor too! If you are a student looking for some vegan or vegetarian option, then this is the place to be...

Can we just start off by noticing how cute the drinks menu layout it? It is sort of like a lightbox but very retro! They have got all your hot drinks on offer, along with alternative milk options for dairy free / vegan people.

I couldn't help but notice and admire how cute these plants are. I am a huge lover of greenery, especially faux plants as I can never grow any myself. These particular plants are provided by @geofleur on Instgaram, who come and spray them too to keep them looking nice and fresh!

Moving on to the menu tasting, I loved the different dishes that were available especially vegan and vegetarian friendly food!

Orange, beetroots & goat cheese salad • Roast cauliflower and lentil salad

Sweet potato & three bean chilli

My favourite was probably the pumpkin spice latte because of the cute latte art on it and also the lovely flavour of it as well...

For dessert, I had the pleasure to try these luxurious pancakes which were also delicious and looked too good to eat!

Classic buttermilk pancakes • Apple, cinnamon, salted caramel & ginger ice cream • Black forest, cherry compote, dark chocolate & cream

I also created a mini montage video which can be viewed below...

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blogpost. Let me know what you thought, and if you'll be visiting this cafe too!

To find out more about the cafe, go to: thehepworthcafe.co.uk and more about the executive chef at popupnorth.co.uk ... This opportunity was through BlogUpNorth.co.uk - a leading influencer network in the north of England




  1. this looks like a lovely cafe, must visit soon! - Tatjanna