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In today's post, I will be writing briefly about mental health awareness and the many issues we face nowadays concerning it.

As it is mental health awareness week I thought it would be best suited to write about this topic, however this topic can be discussed any other day too and should not be hidden away from. It all exists, unfortunately, depression, anxiety, bulimia etc etc.

When you look around and see people you never really know what is going on inside their head. The battles they may be facing within their minds and, how they may be feeling yet still be hiding it away with a smile. 

Growing up I have always been taught to be nice to everyone no matter what they say or how they treat you as you never know the reasons behind it all sometimes. Just by smiling and being nice, you could be giving that one person some hope that yes, there are some nice people in this world actually. You could be saving a life without even knowing!

Mental health is just as good as taking care of our physical health. If we are not feeling too go mentally then how is one able to function physically?

Just because you can't see any physical scar that does not mean they are not suffering. By pretending to use a mental health illness as a fashion it is not only rude but also highly disrespectful, to those who do really suffer as you do not know the consequences they have to face each day. Why is it okay to throw around words like 'stop being so depressing' so easily? Why does it have to take someone to commit suicide for us to realise that there was something wrong with their mental health all that time? And then for people to start finally realising they need to be more sensitive and talk about these topics more!

I hope & pray that everyone stay's safe and learns to love and live with one another better, as well as help those who you know are suffering. If you are suffering yourself too however, then please know that you are NOT alone, and there are a lot of foundations and trusts out there for you which can help make you better. Feel free to drop me a message anytime too if you like! 

It is important that we raise awareness for such topics as not many people take them seriously enough!

That's all, for now, my petit poi's, if you've got to the end of this post then thank you for your time I really appreciate it.

lots of hugs & kisses,



  1. Its so nice to see people posting about this! Ive suffered with depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide and Psychosis/schizophrenia and i never see posts by people about mental illness that arent triggering or depressing.. thanks for sharing!

    1. I am glad you think that! I am also happy for you on your recovery! Keep it up! You're welcome angel!xx

  2. It's so great to see people talking more about mental health!! I had a really difficult time in high school suffering from anxiety and depression, and no one really understood it then - I didn't even know I had it myself!!people just presumed I shy/hormonal, which led to a lot of loneliness. I'm so glad kids are becoming more aware of these issues so people don't have to go through this alone xx

    1. Yes exactly, not many people realise how much it can impact on others. Thank you for reading angel and I hope you are okay now! xx

      Fatimah | ROSEYGOLDBOX